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Continental AG

展位号: N4 3.06C


德国大陆集团作为一家表面技术专业企业,致力于为汽车、家具、建筑行业及 DIY 行业打造功能性强并以设计为导向的表面材料。2017 年 3 月,位于汉诺威的贝内克-卡里科公司 (Benecke-Kaliko) 与位于魏斯巴赫的宏舒赫公司 (Hornschuch) 强强合并,从而在组织架构上将大陆集团的卓越实力及核心技术进行了整合。

贝内克-宏舒赫 (Benecke-Hornschuch) 表面技术集团是德国大陆集团的一个业务单元,拥有约 4800 名员工,在德国、中国、墨西哥、波兰、西班牙和美国设有 11 个生产基地,专门为汽车和生活解决方案两大细分市场研发和生产表面材料。同时,大陆集团还在全球 80 多个国家设立了 20 个销售办公室,并派驻大批代表。


The skai® window profile film by Continental brings color to vinyl windows. It also meets common standards and has impressive quality in every way. It is one of the highest quality coating products on the market. After all, it has to stand up to wind and weather for years. skai® window profile film has proven itself even in problematic climate zones, when subjected to heat or large temperature variations, for example. Its indisputable advantages are ease of maintenance, great durability in spite of wind and weather, and guaranteed quality. During the previous year, the Company raised the warranty period to 10 years for all of Europe. With innovations such as cool colors and skai® Alux, skai® techprofil window films continue to set new standards, both visually and technically. The high-quality designs of the outdoor films create artistic accents on building exteriors due to the lamination of window profiles, doors, garage doors, and façades.


Continental AG
Salinenstr. 1
74679 Weißbach

电话: +49 7947 81-0

Sabine Skowronek
Product Manager Exterior
电话: +49 7947 81540

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